We are the San Diego chapter of Represent.Us

Nationally, we are over half a million Americans dedicated to ending corruption and fixing our broken democracy. Locally, we are primarily focused on bringing an anti-corruption resolution to city hall and we can use all the help we can get, please join us! We are happy to welcome you if you are a Democrat, Republican, Berniecrat, Libertarian, Green Partier, Independent, Tea Partier or anything in between. We believe in non-partisan unity and that diversity makes us stronger, not weaker! There are so many issues to be passionate about in today’s political arena, but it’s important to see that this anti-corruption act is the first domino that must fall to pave the path for us to effect change with regards to what you care about most. Generally, your representative doesn’t care about what you think on these issues, and it is because they are a part of a corrupt system. Help us to set our representatives free from the bondage they are in (having to pander to lobbyists and large campaign contributors to seek perpetual reelection). When we set them free, they will be able to finally do the job they signed up to do, which is listen to us and help us get what we want!

If you are convinced that our system is broken and agree with our strategy, sign up here or contact us through Facebook and ask about how to get involved locally. Ask us about our next meeting. One day we want to get the Anti-Corruption Act on the ballot here in San Diego and we can’t do it alone.

If you want to learn more, check out our national site here.